A disaster recovery plan is pivotal for every business, be it big or small. All businesses are highly vulnerable, and disaster is bound to strike sooner or later. Disaster can come in many forms, ranging from natural and local disasters, to vicious hacking and even a simple malware disruption. So, it’s best that you always remain prepared.

Contrary to popular opinion, Disaster Recovery Plans are not only meant for natural disasters, such as Cyclones or flooding. Small businesses often face a variety of common threats that can lead to a lot of destruction and loss of data. Some of these threats include basic human errors, hardware and software failures and network or power outages.

Your Disaster Recovery plan should be included as part of a bigger business IT resilience strategy.

Why Is a Disaster Recovery Plan Important for Small Businesses?

A Disaster Recovery Plan is important for small businesses because they have the least resources to fall back on. Hence, it is vital for every small business to have an IT disaster recovery solution in place and have an effective and well-thought-out plan.

Here are some reasons as to why a disaster recovery plan is important for small businesses.

Minimises Business Downtime

A workable recovery plan greatly minimises the downtime of your small business. It also prevents your business from reaching an operational stand-still. If your operations encounter any threats, a disaster recovery plan will ensure that your business is up and running as soon as possible. You can receive IT support in Townsville and Cairns by hiring a reputable IT company to develop an effective disaster recovery plan.

Protects Your Business

A disaster recovery plan provides your business with both tangible and intangible security. It aims at minimising both the operational and financial effects of any business disruption. It saves your business from any unplanned disruptions, be it the loss of a utility or human error that can take down your entire IT network. A detailed plan addresses the most common issues such as hardware or software failures and ensures day-to-day operational stability despite any of these problems. A comprehensive disaster recovery plan should include cloud storage and enhanced data protection, which we discuss further in this article: How to Keep Your Business Protected With Disaster Recovery Services

Helps You Remain Competitive

The competition within an industry is fierce these days. If you want to make it big within an industry, you need to be agile and find ways to continually better your business. By being unprepared, you provide your competition with the opportunity to defeat you. If your system remains down for too long or any other mishaps occur, your current and potential clients may also be inclined towards switching to your competitors. Many of the clients you lose will probably never return. That’s why it’s important to remain at the top of your game by having an efficient disaster recovery plan.

Help You Maintain a Good Reputation

The importance of having good client relations remains a pretty underrated concept. Having a well-functioning Disaster Recovery Plan in place ensures that your business maintains a good bond and reputation with its clients. Customers or clients value their security more than anything, with most requesting evidence of an effective recovery plan. This might make you reconsider opting for IT support in Townsville and Cairns.


Based on the technological changes in recent times, IT disaster recovery solutions are not only highly effective but are also very budget-friendly for businesses. Hence, you should make the most of them if you want to take your small business to the next level.