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We'll shine a light on your human risk

We’ll scan your domains for dangerous lookalikes, search the dark web for stolen user credentials and simulate a targeted employee phishing attack.


You'll get a free one-page report

We’ll compile the results into a one-page risk summary, outlining your organisation’s Human Risk Score and how quickly you could be breached.


Get actionable tips to reduce the risk

Knowing your human risk is just the start. We’ll outline the clear step-by-step process you can undertake to tackle your unique human risk areas.

Get your free Human Risk Report

Risk Assessments

We will conduct the following scans and tests to evaluate the human risk to your business:

  • Domain scan
  • Breach scan
  • Simulated phishing campaign

After each activity has been completed, you will receive an email with the results. Only once you review the results, will the next activity commence.

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Risk Calculator

Your Risk Report is now complete! You’ll gain a greater understanding of the level of human risk present in your business.

Example of Risk Report

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It’s now time to take action and put processes and procedures in place to minimise your risk. That’s where we can help!

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