When system up-time is critical, you must have a business continuity solution you can rely on

Future IT Services have a range of IT disaster recovery services designed to address the needs of modern businesses, from a business data backup to a full IT business continuity plan. We can work with you to develop disaster recovery solutions that are right for your business and budgetary requirements.

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1 in 5

Companies don't have a disaster recovery plan


Of SME's will shut down within 6 months of total data loss


Robust disaster recovery solution in place fully recover operations

Can Your Business Afford Downtime?

When talking about business continuity, we think in terms of Recovery Time Objective (RTO), & Recovery Point Objective (RPO).


The Recovery Time Objective is the duration of time within which a business must be restored after a disruption to avoid unacceptable consequences and losses.


The Recovery Point Objective is the maximum tolerable period in which data might be lost due to a disaster.

Data Backup vs Business Continuity; What’s The Difference?

Data backup answers the questions: is my data safe and protected? Can I get it back in case of a failure?

Business continuity, on the other hand, involves thinking about the business at a higher-level and asks: how quickly can I get my business operating again in case of system failure?

93% of Small Business Are Now Protecting Their Data in the Cloud

Without a Business Continuity Solution 16.2 Days Is the Average Productivity Loss in the Event of a Disaster

An Hour of Downtime Can Cost a Business Thousands of Dollars on Lost Revenue/Productivity

Endpoint Detection and Response is the next generation of security products. It helps protect your data by being able to predict outbreaks, defeat ransomware and rollback infections with minimal interruption; this is critical for any business that cannot afford to lose time recovering from a crypto locker attack. Combined with web filtering and mail scanning and filtering, your network and users are protected from events happening with instant IT disaster recovery solutions should disaster strike.

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