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Say goodbye to pixelated faces and crackling audio and say hello to clear and crisp collaborative experiences.

Logitech’s Rooms has revolutionised traditional video conferencing solutions for Microsoft Teams, Zoom Rooms and Google Meet. With customised and improved setup, image, and sound, you and your team members will feel as if you’re all sitting in the same room.

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If you use an alternative video conferencing solution, we can still help! Talk to us today to discuss your options.

Why Businesses Choose Logitech & Future IT Services

Our people-first approach is what makes us stand out. We strive to create a seamless experience for everyone, regardless of where you’re working from. Logitech’s Video Conferencing Solutions is designed to enhance communication and collaboration, encouraging equal participation among all.

Increase employee productivity with improved image and sound quality.

Have solutions that cater to all room sizes.

Feel connected and supported with support from our professional team.

Reap the benefits of the latest state-of-the-art technology that will change the way you collaborate in meetings.

Video Conferencing Solutions for Microsoft Teams

Our Video Conferencing Solution is the perfect match with Microsoft Teams. Stick to what works for you and your team and turn your space into a Teams workspace in just a few taps! This VC solution caters to the hybrid workforce and allows you to hold meetings in small, medium or large room configurations. Just plug it in and you’re ready to go!

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Meeting Room Solutions That Improve Productivity

Whether you’re meeting with clients remotely, calling interstate stakeholders, or collaborating on smaller projects with other team members, our reliable video conferencing solution makes meetings more productive and professional.

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Optimal Setup

Our simple meeting room solutions mean you can start a meeting with just one touch! Plus, calendar integration and easy content sharing.


Create a professional feel to your meetings regardless of where everyone is sitting. Say goodbye to glitchy and lagging conversations and hello to crystal clear communication.

Picture Perfect

Using Logitech Rightsight, no one gets left out of the picture. RightSight ensures meeting participants are always in view and optimally pictured on-screen.

Impeccable Sound

AI-based Rightsound technology optimises sound, minimises background noise, and focuses on the speaker with beamforming mics. The advanced speech detector algorithm even auto-boosts the volume of quiet talkers so every voice is heard.

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