Empowering, Connecting & Protecting Businesses of Tomorrow 

We are excited to announce that Future Computers is now Future IT Services! And this change is more than a new name; it’s a reflection of our evolving journey from a traditional ‘computer company’ back in 1996, to leading Managed IT and Cyber Security provider. While this evolution happened behind the scenes, our new identity now serves to demonstrate our dedication to providing people-driven solutions to help tackle the business challenges of tomorrow.

Expanded Offerings in Managed IT Services and Cyber Security

Our rebranding goes hand in hand with an expansion of our services, particularly in Cyber Security. We understand that every business has unique IT needs, and our tailored solutions are designed to meet these diverse requirements. 

Managed IT + Cyber Essentials Level 1:  

Ideal for small businesses, this package offers basic protection against common threats with features like DNS Filtering, Zero Trust Administration, and SaaS Cloud Backup. Learn more 

Managed IT + Cyber Essentials Level 2:  

A recommended minimum for all small to medium sized businesses, providing enhanced protection with the addition of a Security Operations Centre (SOC), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), 24/7 SOC Monitoring. This solution is designed for businesses seeking robust security against both common and advanced threats. Learn more 

Managed IT + Cyber Essentials Level 3:  

The ultimate protection solution suitable for businesses with highly sensitive data and regulatory obligations, offering comprehensive security measures including Privileged Identity Management (PIM) and Privileged Access Management (PAM). Learn more 

What Does The New Logo Represent

Our long-term vision, “To Empower, Connect & Protect What Matters Most to Businesses” is deeply embedded in our rebranding. The new logo, resembling three people standing side by side in the shape of a shield, signifies our commitment to empowering people, fostering connections, and providing robust cyber security. 

Impact on Our Clients

Specialising in professional services, nonprofits, aboriginal medical services, and councils, we are uniquely positioned to understand and address the specific IT and cybersecurity challenges faced by these industries.  

What’s more, our strong focus on security shows we are not just adapting to the IT landscape; we are shaping it. This shift enhances our ability to support the businesses of tomorrow, offering our existing and new clients a more comprehensive, secure, and future-proof business. 

The Future Is Now

The journey from Future Computers to Future IT Services marks a new chapter in our story. We remain committed to our core values of excellence in service, while our expanded offerings and reinvigorated brand identity reflect our dedication to staying ahead. 

“It has been an incredible journey from Future Cairns to Future Computers, and now to Future IT Services. I’m filled with immense pride and excitement, because this time, it isn’t just a name change; it’s our way of stepping up, embracing the future, and saying ‘we’re ready!’ We’ve grown alongside technology, and now, we’re more equipped than ever to tackle the unique challenges our clients face. Whether it’s adopting new technologies or helping navigate the growing cyber threats, our focus remains strong – to provide people-driven solutions because we know it’s not all about the tech” shares Andrew Bischof, Managing Director.  

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey towards a more connected and secure digital future.