Data is considered a valuable resource in the digital era, which is why businesses often take steps to safeguard their data and ensure it is protected from hackers and other digital breach events.

However, most hard drives eventually crash despite the best efforts of IT managers. It is believed that 1.9% of hard drives crashed in 2019, so hard disk failures are not entirely uncommon.

The data that is stored on these drives may be invaluable to the business, so IT personnel often find themselves taking damaged hard drives to data recoveryTownsville is home to many small an specialists in hopes of recovering this data.

However, the percentage of data recovered is often a fraction compared to the total amount lost. So businesses need to take preventative measures to stop their data from being lost in the first place.

Let’s look at some of the IT disaster recovery solutions that businesses can use to protect and/or recover their data.

Cloud storage capabilities

One of the best ways in which businesses can safeguard their data is to back it up to an online storage cloud. This way businesses can keep virtual copies of their data on an easily accessible cloud in addition to the actual data on their physical hard drives at their offices.

Disaster recovery service providers offer flexible and scalable cloud solutions to businesses that want to back up their sensitive data in a secure, yet easy to retrieve location.

The cloud storage platforms that these services use are hosted on physical servers that are maintained and checked regularly by the disaster recovery service provider’s IT support. Townsville is home to many small and medium sized businesses across various industries that trust disaster recovery specialists to safeguard their sensitive data.

Speaking of small and medium-sized businesses, some of them may think that disaster recovery does not apply to their situation. However, this article explains why this is not so true: Why Do Small Businesses Need IT Disaster Recovery?

Enhanced security

Disaster recovery services usually offer multiple security features that prevent hackers from accessing the data stored, while also making it easy for authorised personnel and employees to access said data.

Business owners can rest easy knowing that their sensitive data is being held in a secure location while still being retrievable at a moment’s notice.

Most IT disaster recovery solution providers offer to protect client data with some degree of security, but it is always best to ask these service providers about the different levels of security they use when protecting sensitive data.

Faster recovery following disasters

Following a disaster event where data on physical hard drives is lost, businesses can immediately retrieve a copy of their data that was previously saved on the storage cloud. This allows businesses to save time that would otherwise be spent on recovering data from damaged or old hard drives.

The time and resources saved by using disaster recovery services can then be devoted to other business functions that help the business grow. This also saves a lot of trouble for the business’s IT support.

To avoid becoming another statistic, Townsville business owners should heavily consider the services of disaster recovery specialists to allow fast and easy recovery in the event of a failure or disaster.