While there are many ways in which your IT solution provider can lead you to success, you need to select a provider that can really make a difference. But how do you choose the right provider? Here are some critical things to look for when choosing an IT service provider:

An Advisor, Not Just a Supplier

The IT solutions company you choose should be providing you with proactive solutions to meet your needs, working closely with your management team to better understand the company goals and what technology can do to meet these goals.

They should be a subject matter expert who has all the necessary knowledge pertaining to IT support and the various software packages specific to your business.

For instance, they must be well versed in privacy compliance, practice management software, and EHRs if you operate a healthcare practice.


When it comes to office IT solutions, responsiveness is one of the key things to look for in an IT solutions provider. When you reach out to a company, be sure to ask how long they take to respond to tickets and resolve issues on average.

Also, don’t hesitate to ask how readily they can provide onsite support when you require them. The best IT companies would be proud to share guaranteed response times, backing them with metrics and facts.

Assurance of Security

The next thing to look for is security, which is one of the reasons why you’re considering IT support in the first place. The best IT solutions company will be using state-of-the-art technologies designed to prevent intrusions entering your network.

They should also be willing to help you in managing IT security compliance for government and industry regulations as well as offer security awareness training to you and your staff.

Support for IT Budget

IT support and solutions can significantly consume any operational budget. Your IT service provider should be willing to support you in predicting the expenses.

Ideally, you should be offered a customised package with a fixed monthly fee. They should be able to map out a technology plan for your business 3 – 5 years in advance so you can budget accordingly to ensure your staff have the right equipment along with system performance and reliability.

Back up and Disaster Recovery Solutions

To ensure that your files are easily recoverable following a disaster, the backup and IT disaster recovery solutions should allow both online and offline cloud backups, as well as warm standby for business continuity.

You should be able to access your network from anywhere in any situation. For instance, an office closure following a storm shouldn’t prevent you from accessing your systems.

Dedication and Commitment

Once you’ve shared your goals and explained what your business needs are, your IT solution provider should be prepared to make your success their priority.

One way to find this out is to ask them directly of some success stories with past clients. If they openly share how they helped other businesses achieve success, they should be able to provide genuine support to your business.

Closing Thoughts

Selecting the right IT service provider is critical to your business success. By prioritising the attributes explained above, you should be able to identify an IT solution provider that is a good fit for your organisation.