Everyone in Australia and across the world has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in one form or another, and just about everybody has been touched financially. Because of this, great strain has been placed on accountants during these uncertain times. The accounting industry is under pressure like never before. 

With individuals and businesses alike all feeling the pinch, accountants all around Australia are trying their best to help people with their finances, assist employers to avail of the government’s Job Keeper scheme and a whole host of other financial matters. Add in the usual tax returns and monitoring the financial affairs of businesses and companies, and accountants have a lot on their plate right now. 

To negotiate these busy and uncertain financial times, it’s imperative that accountants and accounting firms have measures in place to safeguard their vital data and to ensure their IT systems are safe and secure. 

Let’s take a look at some ways technology can help the accounting industry, such as IT disaster recovery solutions

Protect Your Accounting Business With IT Disaster Recovery 

Disaster recovery and protecting your business system is best left in the hands of professionals. As an example, if you were looking for computer services Cairns and Townsville, Future IT Services is your local IT specialist when it comes to disaster recovery solutions, along with advice on everyday ways that you can protect your accounting business and its sensitive data. 

Accountants need reliable systems. You also need ongoing support from an IT company you can count on. What you don’t want and what your clients don’t need is any downtime due to either an IT system malfunction, or your system being hacked by cybercriminals

To avoid disaster and to counteract any breach of cybersecurity, what accounting firms need is a business continuity plan. The whole idea of a business continuity plan is to get the IT system up and running again as soon as possible, minimising downtime and protecting that important data. 

Time is money. That’s applicable to every single business in the country. In the accounting profession, it could mean the difference between a client surviving this pandemic or possibly going bankrupt as a result. 

The answer to this dilemma is a business continuity plan that employs the assistance of professional data recovery consulting services. What you need is an IT specialist in your local area to not only implement a disaster recovery plan, but to monitor your accounting business and it’s IT systems. What this will do is help prevent problems from occurring, thus minimising downtime due to any security or systems breaches. 

Not only that, but your local IT expert will help you to devise and plan and implement it, creating disaster recovery solutions that are designed specifically for your accounting business. 

How Does a Disaster Recovery System Work? 

Your accounting practice needs a full IT continuity plan in order to survive these turbulent times. A disaster recovery system helps to predict possible problems before they arise. This is a crucial aspect of surviving this pandemic. 

While having the cure to an issue is great, prevention is always the option of choice. 

What your accounting business needs is Endpoint Detection and Response software. It’s one of the latest and very best security products on the market. Not only can it predict and take action against cyberattacks, it will also be able to rollback, with minimal interruption to your workflow, any infections. It can even knock invasive ransomware on the head. 

You and your clients cannot afford extensive downtime due to cyber hacking or attacks on your IT system. With web filtering, mail scanning and filtering of your email, you can avoid cyberattacks and even if they do occur, have your IT system up and running in no time flat. 

A business continuity plan is essential in these trying times. Without it, you’ll just be leaving things to chance, and that’s not a good plan in any business sector. 

Let Future IT Services Help Your Accounting Business Survive 

Your accounting business deserves the very best help in these trying times, so for quality IT solutions in Cairns and Townsville, give Future IT Services a call. We’ll help you devise an IT disaster recovery plan so you can continue to serve your valued clients without a hitch. 

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