Just about every modern business relies on computers and IT to operate smoothly and efficiently. With vital data stored on hard drives and in the cloud rather than on paper, it’s imperative that businesses have systems in place – like cyber security solutions – to both protect that data and to get operations up and running as quickly as possible in the event there is a data breach. 

For many businesses, any IT downtime or security breach can range from a mere annoyance to a major problem that can cost the company a lot of money. In the medical profession, if disaster strikes, it could potentially cost a patient their life. If a patient requires urgent treatment, yet the system is down and medical staff can’t quickly get it back up and running, the results could prove catastrophic and tragic. 

Medical practices need IT disaster recovery solutions more than any other business when lives are at stake. Without a business continuity plan (BCP), they won’t be able to get their systems back up and running expediently so patients can be tended to. 

What Is a Business Continuity Plan? 

Medical practices and hospitals need reliable systems. They also need the ongoing support of a reliable IT company to help keep the system up and running with very little downtime. 

A business continuity plan is a plan to keep operations going, or to get the system up and running as soon as possible whenever a problem occurs. All businesses are susceptible to cyber attacks or IT problems and IT systems in the medical profession are not exempt. 

Time not only means dollars for most businesses, in the medical profession it can be the difference between saving or losing a life. You need more than just a backup solution to recover reliably and securely. It’s not just a want, but a genuine necessity. 

Disaster recovery consulting services and a business continuity plan is the answer. An IT specialist can help implement this, as well as monitor your system to help prevent any breaches or business downtime. An IT company will also work with you to plan and develop disaster recovery solutions that are tailor-made for the medical profession. 

How It Works 

Your medical practice needs an IT disaster recovery solution that encompasses a business data backup plan through to a full IT continuity plan. In order to prevent any downtime or risk to the wellbeing of your patients, having a system that is able to predict issues before they occur is vital. Prevention is always better than needing a cure. Endpoint Detection and Response software is one of the latest security products designed to achieve just that. Not only can it predict potential outbreaks and cyber attacks, but it can also rollback infections with minimal interruption to your medical practice and can even stamp out invasive ransomware. 

A medical practice simply cannot afford extensive downtime due to a cyber attack or a failed IT system. Your business needs to be able to recover from a crypto locker attack as soon as possible. 

Your users and the system are protected with web filtering, and mail scanning and filtering combined. Instant disaster recovery is also possible should a cyber attack or some other IT disaster occur. 

In an industry where the health of people is on the line, nothing should be left to chance. A disaster recovery plan and BCP are essential for the business and the patients. 

IT Disaster Recovery Solutions With Future IT Services 

Servicing Cairns, Townsville and surrounding areas, Future IT Services is your local IT specialist when it comes to disaster recovery and formulating a business continuity plan for your medical practice. You’ll have complete peace of mind with Future IT Services on your team. 

We are also one of the best cloud service providers in the local area. We’ll help keep your vital data safe and ready to reinstate should an issue bring your system down temporarily. Speed of process and efficiency is what we’re all about. 

To learn more about how we can make your IT system safe and secure so you can keep your patients in good health, give us a call and talk to one of our expert staff today.