Future IT Services has been given an exclusive inside scoop to a hot new product hitting the technology market in October 2020.

Introducing the new Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold!

This revolutionary device is an industry first with a foldable screen and multi-function 5G which gives you an Always Connected PC. This new style of device will transform the way you work for the better. It provides versatility, connectivity and productivity, so you can create, work, play and connect from everywhere you go. And don’t let the size fool you, although small, this device is powerful and allows you to go from presentations to emailing to reading to drawing without losing a signal and holding you back.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the great features it has to offer

Revolutionary Interface

The ThinkPad X1 Fold has a game-changing interface with a seamless folding OLED screen. Unlike anything you’ve seen before. You can go from using it as a laptop with a keyboard or stylus, to using it as a book with single or dual-screen browsing. Display as either one single 13.3″ screen or two 9.6″ screens. With so many ways to display what you need, the possibilities are endless.

Full Computing Capabilities

Whatever you need to do, the Thinkpad X1 is ready to go. With a battery lasting almost all day from morning emails to late-night brainstorming sessions, it’ll never let you down.

Continuous Connectivity

With the future of 5G technology in mind, the ThinkPad X1 Fold was built to provide a true smartphone experience. Wherever you are, if you have WIFI or not, this device will ensure you stay connected to the people and ideas that drive your work.

Integrated Accessories

Unlike other devices where you are required to buy accessories separately, the ThinkPad X1 Fold has an integrated pen and keyboard to make your life that little bit easier.

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