Protecting your business’ systems and data starts with understanding how strong your cyber security stance is. More importantly, it’s having access to the right tools and solutions that can strengthen and protect your business. To do this, you have two options. Working with an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) or partnering with an IT Managed Service Provider + (MSP+). Don’t know what the difference is? That’s okay! We’re here to give you a full breakdown, and then figure out which one your business needs.

Security is a Must-Have

Did you know that a business falls victim to a cyber-attack every 8 minutes in Australia?

Maintaining a strong cyber security stance within your business is absolutely crucial nowadays. You hear about businesses falling victim to cyber-attacks where the consequences can be detrimental. Why not strengthen your posture before you become one of those victims? Doing so can greatly reduce threats and cyberattacks, protect your data, and enable your employees to work safely and with productivity.

IT Managed Service Provider (MSP)

So, what is an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP)? An MSP is a team of IT professionals who offer remote IT services to businesses that do not have an in-house IT department. MSP’s can also work with organisations with in-house IT teams to provide additional assistance and redundancy for day to day IT operational maintenance tasks.

Day-to-day IT activities are exercised over a computer/telecommunications network in order to maintain maximum network uptime, optimise business performance and ensure continuous service and management.

Partnering with an MSP can save a business time, money, and effort, making sure the company stays up to date with the latest technologies.

MSPs ensure the organisation’s IT systems are operational and offer different types of services. Some of these include:

  • IT Help desk
  • Endpoint management
  • Managed infrastructure
  • Managed backup
  • Managed applications
  • Managed networks and firewalls
  • Endpoint security
  • Managed Microsoft 365
  • Business VoIP
  • Managed print
  • Database optimisation/management
  • Managed cloud services
  • IT staff augmentation/co-management
  • IT strategy services

And more.

After reading that list, you may be thinking, “But what about cyber security?”. You’re right – cyber security is not listed because it’s not typically included in a Managed Service Agreement.

How come?

In order to perform cybersecurity services, an MSP has two options:

  • They can partner with an external party who specialise in cyber security and who has all the required resources to successfully carry out the role.
  • Or to create an internal department with again, specialised IT experts, increased insurance requirements, different tools, and resources.

Technology services and the roles are broken up into specialised areas. Unfortunately, this is what some businesses fail to understand upon entering into their Managed Service Agreement (MSA).

This common misconception puts the business at greater risk.

IT Managed Service Provider + (MSP+)

Five to ten years ago, partnering with an IT Managed Service Provider on its own would have been enough to secure your business. Now, with cyber threats rapidly increasing, your business needs more protection. That’s where an MSP+ comes in.

An MSP+ is similar to an MSP in the sense that they offer managed backups, VoIP systems, cloud services, and everything else that we mentioned earlier. The main difference is that they also offer an additional level of service that is focused on improving your cyber security stance by following a specific framework. Here in Australia the MSP+ has a full understanding on how to deliver the ACSC’s Essential 8 Cyber Security Framework. This is a cyber security maturity model commissioned by the Australian Government to assist businesses greatly reduce cyber risk in their businesses by closing the door on opportunistic attacks and improving recoverability in the event of breach.

Partnering with an MSP+ means your business has the right support to protect your data, people and systems. These measures can also help you on your journey to becoming compliant with regulatory standards. MSP+ organisations Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover all cyber threats proactively. From employee cyber awareness training to building strategies to reduce your cyber risk, they’ve got you covered.

This not only protects the business that you’ve worked so hard to build, but it gives you peace of mind in knowing that subject matter experts who understand cyber security are looking after your systems.

Your Business Needs More

In a nutshell, an MSP is a team you would utilise for the daily operational upkeep and maintenance of your systems. They are more focused on your infrastructure and cover a very basic level of security. On the other hand, an MSP+ is a team who looks after all the same items as your MSP however have a strong focus and expertise that will provide you a much more comprehensive Cyber Security strategy.

Another benefit of working with an MSP+ is that you don’t need to commission multiple providers to deliver each component of the solution. Want to limit communication problems, cross-organisational finger-pointing, and have everything covered by one group of IT experts? Partnering with an MSP+ is the way to go.

Over To You!

Protecting your business from cyber threats has never been more important. Now’s the time to work with an MSP+ who understand the importance of going above and beyond when it comes to your cyber security stance. Let’s start strengthening your business by implementing a cyber security plan that actually works. Talk to us today to learn how we can protect everything you’ve worked hard to build.

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