As businesses continue to store their files and data digitally, the need to protect sensitive information has never been greater. Cloud service provides a convenient and efficient way to upload and store data. However, many businesses are unaware of how to keep their data safe and secure in the cloud.

Around 64% of companies have experienced cyberattacks at some point, so business owners and employees should remain vigilant. However, they need to know which online threats to look out for to protect their business’s sensitive information.

There are many benefits of investing in cyber security, one of them is that better productivity can be achieved through the use of safe tools and systems. 

Cyber awareness training from cyber security services can help your employees get acquainted with the risks and dangers that data stored online could fall prey to. Here are three reasons why your business needs cyber awareness training.

1. Preventing cybersecurity breaches

As humans, we’re prone to error, we can’t help it. But when those errors lead to cybersecurity breaches, it can cost businesses dearly. And unfortunately, about 95% of cyber security breaches are due to human error. These can include sending files to the wrong email address or using a weak password that is easy to guess.

Employees who are made aware of these costly mistakes are likely to be more careful in the future. Any cyber security solution starts with the employees, and the amount of effort they’re putting in to maintain the security of your business.

Some cyber security breaches occur when hackers develop a new manner for hacking into your system. This can commonly be exploited by Phishing Emails that only require a susceptible user to click on to allow the attacker into your systems. Most operating systems providers patch these loopholes as soon as they become aware of them. However, these patches can only be implemented once the updates have been installed.

Cyber awareness training can teach your employees to keep the operating systems on their computers updated regularly to prevent such breaches from occurring.

2. Looking for red flags

Cyber security service providers can teach your employees how to look out for phishing scams or malware messages and show them how to react appropriately whenever they encounter one.

Some training exercises may include showing employees phishing and malware messages and gauging their response to them. However, red flags such as these are always getting harder to spot. So, such training may have to be on-going, as phishing scammers attempt to improve their methods.

3. Promoting an environment that prioritises cyber security

Cyber security solutions are only as effective as their weakest link. Employees who remain negligent to the cybersecurity threats your business faces could be causing breaches inadvertently.

Cyber awareness training teaches your employees to remain proactive in ensuring everyone at the business is well informed about these cyber threats and is taking appropriate measures to stop them from happening. Promoting an environment that prioritises cyber security is one of the best ways to keep your information safe.

Staying safe from threats online is a group effort for any business. It’s essential to remain vigilant against these threats in the age of information. So make the safe choice and have your employees take cyber awareness training to boost the security of your business.

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Beyond Cyber Security Training

A common misconception is to think that because you work with a cyber security expert, you don’t need cyber insurance and vice versa. That couldn’t be any further from the truth!

There is no risk zero when it comes to cyber security, so whilst working with a cyber security provider will significantly reduce your risks and prepare you in the event of a breach, being covered for business interruption and fund transfer can be essential. Insurers and brokers also rely on guidance from cyber security experts.

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