Microsoft Teams is a state of the art cloud service that allows seamless remote connectivity for highly collaborative teamwork. When it was released nearly three years ago, its stated purpose was to bring people and conversations together.

As of now, it has seen an unprecedented surge in its popularity due to the ongoing COVID 19 global pandemic. Billions of people are confined to their homes in strict quarantine. Here, Microsoft Teams has truly come into its own, by providing businesses with a stable secure platform for most remote working applications. Let us see why you need Microsoft Teams for your business:

1. It Provides Improved Communication Capabilities

Microsoft Teams ensures seamless interaction between various team members who are separated by geographical distances.  Since the app has been comprehensively integrated into the Microsoft Office environment, it is available with just about all Windows-based systems.

Apart from that, the app also works with both iOS-based mobile and Android and MacOS devices. This way, even if your company is not using a Windows environment, your remote team members will still be able to use the app for online collaboration.  This is why most managed IT service providers recommend the application.

Since the app is fully integrated into the Microsoft 365 suite, there is no need to switch apps every time you want to collaborate on a specific document. You can not only create PowerPoint, Word, and Excel documents while using Teams, you can also immediately share them with your coworkers within seconds.

Once you have MS Teams fully integrated on all of your systems, you won’t have to send out different versions of a document via emails or through other sharing apps.

2. You Can Remain Connected Everywhere

Microsoft Teams will give you instant access to all of the organisational resources. You will be able to work on all of your documents, as and when you want.  The app also allows you to create and join meetings with one click and also respond to chats and conversations in real time.

3. Faster Preparations

Making sure that everything is ready for a remote meeting can become a bit of a challenge. You will have to email the agenda in one email and all the agreed actions in another one.  After that, you will have to mass mail the key takeaways and make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Microsoft Teams can ensure that the whole experience becomes a whole lot easier.  Once you set the meeting you can chat with the participants and take their feedback as you set the agenda. You can also share files with the participants.  Finally, you will be able to keep track of all of the meeting’s notes and list of things to be done.

Once the meeting is over, the recording is immediately available. This way, even if you missed the meeting, you can easily catch up on the topics covered.  


In light of the above, we can safely deduce that the MS Teams app is the ideal means of collaborative work. This is why Future IT Services who provide IT solutions in Cairns is always at hand to ensure a seamless remote working experience.