Individuals and businesses alike have faced many challenges over the years, even more so due to the exceptional challenges Covid-19 has extended to us. Our wants, needs and priorities continue to shift as we strive to reach our professional and personal goals. Markets are increasingly evolving along with the needs of consumers, however many SME’s struggle to remain competitive in a rapidly changing world.

We’ve come up with three basic yet essential principles that we believe your business needs to survive this year and beyond.


Creating a positive environment that builds confidence, fosters growth, improves communication and celebrates personal and professional achievements is an essential component to any successful business. This ripple effect empowers employees, managers, customers and ultimately, the industry.

One way in which you can empower and build confidence in your work is to focus on areas that you have been wanting to improve on but for whatever reason, haven’t been able to. This can be spending more time with family or upscaling a specific business operation.

To do this, you need time and support.

Managed IT Services & IT Consultancy

A great way to empower yourself and your business is to utilise a managed IT services company. They can support your business and give you confidence that everything is running smoothly. Coupled with IT consultancy services, you can make informed decisions about how to scale your business with people-driven solutions. This in turn will give you back that time to spend on running your business.

An IT services company can handle aspects such as enhancing data compliance and security, scalability, ongoing and readily available IT support, systems management and more. There are also financial benefits to working with a managed IT services company such as controlled and predictable monthly IT costs.


Another vital component is connectivity. The ability and ease at which you can connect to clients, team members, departments and other organisations is crucial to collaboration and ultimately, your business’s success.

Modern, Digital Phone Systems

A VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) solution, such as Telstra Calling for Microsoft Teams, is a great method that lets anyone place phone calls over an internet connection. Whether you’re communicating with someone who’s working from home, in a different location around the world, or in a socially distanced workplace, incorporating a digital phone system solution into your business plan can create a unified workspace. What’s more, Telstra Calling for Microsoft Teams is fully integrated with your Microsoft 365 platform to provide a complete unified communications platform. Quite often, these plans are also cheaper than using normal phone lines (if you’re already using Microsoft Office), support multitasking, are completely scalable and increase accessibility.

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Finally, protection. Just like in our daily lives, we protect ourselves by wearing masks in public, we too need to protect our business from cyber threats. We must reduce the risk to our data as much as possible by protecting our systems all the same.

Cyber Security Training & Solutions

Businesses need to have clear cybersecurity policies in place when it comes to storing and sharing data, especially with all the different accounts and devices the data is being accessed on. Cyber security strategies and systems can manage and protect your data from cybercrime and data leaks as well as allow you to maintain your reputation and customer trust.

Disaster Recovery Solution

Additionally, having a disaster recovery plan in place is extremely important in the case where a disaster does occur. These tailored plans provide your business with the ability to recover quickly, reliably and securely after a disaster, and get you back to where you left off. Despite the risk, 1 in 5 companies don’t have a disaster recovery plan where the results are often catastrophic.

Business Continuity Plan

Lastly, business continuity plans help your organisation maintain resiliency during a disaster by responding quickly to an interruption, property damage and financial impacts, allowing your business to continue operating and minimise downtime.

Here at Future IT Services, we remain passionate about Empowering, Connecting & Protecting what is important to you. Everything we do is driven by our people-driven approach, all the way from managing the life cycle of your technology to ensuring the safety of your data, customers and staff. If you would like to know more about any of the services mentioned in the article or how you can be empowered, connected or protected, please feel free to speak to one of our friendly IT consultants today.

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