After much consideration, we have decided that now is the time to make a change and there are a lot of reasons why we have considered this upgrade path. For one, Lenovo monitors come with a 3YR Advanced Exchange warranty out of the box, which means that Lenovo will send you a replacement screen if it fails while under warranty.

Also, Lenovo monitors are more ergonomic than the 3rd party options as the are completely adjustable. You can easily adjust the height, tilt, pivot and swivel to suit your individual preferences. They also offer better low blue light and eyecare certification features – an important factor for improving your employee’s health as the blue light minimises eye fatigue from staring at the screen all day. Majority of Lenovo monitors also have USB ports as standard, providing more connectivity options. Some monitors have speakers and other features built in too. In terms of compatibility, sticking with the same brand can also mean less issues than dealing with a 3rd party option. All round, the benefits of making the switch made our decision an easy one.

Have You Ever Heard of a Docking Monitor?

Lenovo also has a monitor designed for laptop users. The Monitor is designed so that you can plug your device directly into the monitor via USB-C. It’s just like having a docking station – without the need for a docking station! That means one less point of failure and one less thing to plug into a power outlet. The Lenovo ThinkVision docking monitors have ethernet connections, extra USB ports, and you can even daisy chain to an additional monitor. All without the requirement for a docking station.

Plus, rather than a monitor and docking station separately, you will save money by purchasing the all in one Lenovo docking monitor!

Make the switch with us today! Talk to us if you’re ready to make the change to a Lenovo monitor.