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Working Securely Without Limits

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With staff members restricted to the confines of an office, poor internet connections and unreliable systems, Terrain NRM knew it was time to seek a new IT services provider. Following a recommendation from an IT training company, Terrain NRM engaged Future IT Services to help digitally transform their organisation.

The Back Story

Managing a multi-site organisation has its challenges, especially when it’s IT infrastructure can’t effectively support the business. Terrain NRM had disparate devices, old operating systems and ageing servers. Their staff were restrained to a single office and required to access an insecure remote desktop environment. This resulted in data being stored on individual devices without a backup solution. It was also near impossible to collaborate with other staff members and many had to live physically close to the office, travel long distances frequently and their day-to-day core functions heavily disrupted.

Terrain NRM required a safe and secure solution that allowed staff to access the same resources and work collaboratively in real-time regardless of their location.

To ensure the success of the digital transformation, we worked closely with all levels of the organisation and regularly attended staff meetings. It was important to have staff included in the process as they needed to be comfortable with the end result. We made sure their feedback was heard and incorporated into the solution.

As with any change, it can cause a level of disruption and with that, a risk of staff resistance. In our efforts to minimise that risk, we worked with Terrain NRM’s graphics team to incorporate staff images into the wallpapers and screensavers to provide a sense of inclusion.

Future IT Services rise to the challenge every time

"Working with Future IT Services over the last seven years has been a great experience. Our organization is always looking for the latest cutting-edge software and Future IT Services rise to the challenge every time."

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How Future IT Services Helped

We began by spending time with key stakeholders and immersing ourselves into their organisation
to fully understand their pain points and desired outcomes. This allowed us to build a digital strategy and tailored IT solution, which involved the following:

  • An Office 365 solution
  • SharePoint Collaboration environment
  • A single Standard Operating System
  • Phasing out servers from their network
  • Introducing IT security system

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    The End Result?

    Increased Productivity, Collaboration & Flexibility

    • Staff can now work from anywhere at any time and collaborate using the native tools in Office 365.
    • SharePoint provides a centralised workspace for staff to access documents and resources.
    • Microsoft Teams is used for meetings, impromptu conferences and working with partners.

    Saved Time & Money

    • Transitioning from server- based environments to an efficient cloud solution has reduced Terrain NRM’s operation costs and removed the need to replace $50k in hardware replacement.
    • Client meetings that used to involve a whole day of travel are eliminated as Microsoft Teams (part of the Office 365 solution) can be used for video calls and real-time collaboration.

    Secure IT Systems

    • With improved IT security, their data is kept as secure as possible.
    • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) has provided an extra layer of security so staff can now access data from anywhere and security is ensured

    10/10 – I highly recommend Future IT Services

    "10/10 – I highly recommend Future IT Services for IT security and support. You can be assured they are knowledgeable and up to date with the latest technology. Entrusting Future IT Services with the IT security and support for our organisation has proven successful and has provided our organisation with peace of mind."

    Technology is continually improving. So are Future IT Services.