Next month, Australians can register domain names in the new .au domain space.

If you have an Australian domain name already registered, you will have first dibs on registering the equivalent .au domain. However, as priority applications close on Sep 20, you will have to act fast in order to ensure someone else doesn’t steal your chance at a .au domain.

After Sep 20, all unregistered domain names it will become available for general registration by the public. While this may not seem like a big deal initially, missing out could be detrimental to your online presence. For instance, if your company is registered as and a different company registers for, this could lead to customer confusion, lost sales and, if in the wrong hands, could negatively affect your brand image.

So what do you need to know?

What is a .au Domain Name?

Previously, Australian domain names could be registered with extensions including,,,, and Now, another extension has been added to this list — .au — which means you can register a domain name like “”.

If you do not apply for Priority Status, then, come 4 Oct, anybody can register that domain name as a .au. So, if you wish to secure your domain in this new space, you need to take action before 20 Sep.

What Do You Need to Know?

Do I need to have the .au domain if I already have a domain?

The short answer is no. Your existing domain name(s) will be unaffected and there is no SEO or technical benefit to owning multiple versions of the same domain. However, there are some good reasons to secure your business name in the new .au domain space, including:

  • Brand protection, to prevent a competitor registering the .au version of your business name (even if you own a trademark, it’s cheaper to just secure the domain yourself than it is to forcibly take it off another party)
  • Having a shorter version of your domain name can be easier to say, type, and display on marketing materials

What happens if another eligible business applies for the same domain as me?

If you own and another business owns, for example, then a process is applied to determine which business will be awarded the domain name. You can find out more about the process for contested names on the auDA website.

Part of the process for registering your .au domain name is to check whether or not the domain will be contested. We can connect you with our partner that will advise you of the best course of action, depending on which scenario applies to you.

What are the eligibility requirements for a .au domain?

Unlike other Australian domain name spaces such as, the only eligibility requirement for a .au domain is to have an Australian presence, and for the domain name to not be a reserved word. Therefore, this is a great opportunity to register a new domain name that you might not have otherwise been eligible for.

I want to register a .au domain but I don’t own any of the other versions.

If you want to register a .au domain but do not already own the equivalent,,, or domain, we can arrange for our partner to check for you. If the domain is available and uncontested, it can be registered immediately. If the domain is contested, it might be the case that the eligible entity does not wish to register it, leaving it available for general registration on 4 Oct.

Can I register a .au domain for more than 1 year?

If the domain is uncontested (i.e. there are no other applicants in either Category 1 or Category 2), then the initial registration can indeed be placed for more than 1 year, and discounts will apply. If you require assistance with this, you may advise our partner if you would prefer a longer registration.

Need Help Securing Your New Domain Name?

Time is of the essence and it can be confusing to know how to go about setting up new domain names but we are here to help! Talk to us today if you have any questions about the new .au domain space or if would like advice on what you should do.

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