Although the pandemic forced millions to pack up their offices and adapt to remote work, some of the abrupt changes made to businesses are here to stay. Transitioning to remote work was a challenging process for workers and owners, but many organisations had less trouble adapting because they had advanced online technology in place before the virus took hold.

As occupancy restrictions recede, business owners must decide how to structure their new office environments. Whether you’re restructuring your business for remote work only, 100 % on-site work or a hybrid model, you can examine some of the state-of-the-art Logitech devices and solutions that enable your business to compete and succeed in a new workplace format.

The New Normal

The fast-paced, hectic workplace of a few years ago is unlikely to return soon. Although some companies are trying to lure their remote workers back to the office permanently, many business owners saw improvements in some areas of online work and want to continue offering remote options to their employees.

Since almost 60 % of remote workers want to work from home indefinitely, companies must adapt their business plans to accommodate an evolving workforce. Most analysts predict that more workers will eventually return to the office, but when they return varies depending on the type of business. Over 77 % of business owners prefer bringing back a quarter of their workforce to the office and gradually adding more on-site employees over time.

Remote Work Options

While a few firms are switching to 100 % online work immediately, the vast majority are adopting a hybrid approach. Although safety is a crucial factor in the hybrid model, productivity also plays a role. With cramped home spaces and inadequate technology, some employees struggled with online work. However, many companies saw their productivity levels increase up to 25 % with remote workers.

Workers with reliable internet, ample space, fewer distractions, and premium online tools experienced the most significant gains from online work. You can determine which Logitech Meeting Room products can improve your new business model in the following sections.

Logitech Rally & Tap Room Kits

Logitech Rally offers complete modular solutions for your meeting room. With a Display Hub and Table Hub to keep cables neat and organised, Rally components include a premium 4K Ultra-HD ConferenceCam system with automatic camera control. Users can connect their own laptop to the Logitech Table Hub to host meetings through Teams, Skype, Zoom & other applications on their device. Plus, you can add speakers & additional microphone pods to suit your environment.

If your workplace has a standardised application for meetings like Microsoft Teams however, then Logitech has a great, one touch meeting room solution for you too. Logitech Room Solutions for Microsoft Teams include everything you need for video meetings, available in small, medium, and large configurations. These pre-configured systems include a Lenovo Tiny PC preloaded with Microsoft Teams, or Zoom. And Logitech ConferenceCam with RightSense technologies, PC mount with cable retention, and the Logitech Tap touch controller.

See it in Action!

We recently helped Preston Law by supplying and installing the Logitech Rally Kit for their new conference room – check out the end result below!

Easy To Use, Great Quality – We Couldn’t Be Happier!

“Craig from Future IT Services was such a great help with setting up our amazing new conference room. I initially called Craig, requesting some guidance and he went above and beyond, researching all the best products to suit our space, put me in contact with suppliers  to make sure the product suited our individual needs and also making the ordering and installation of the equipment run smoothly. Our Logitech Rally kit is so easy to use and great quality and our clients are very impressed.”

Hayley, Office Manager – Preston Law

Logitech Rally Bar

Crowded conference rooms are no longer necessary when a reduced on-site workforce can communicate with several online contacts in video conferences. Holding a video conference was once a frustrating experience. Poor camera clarity and insufficient audio convinced many companies to rely solely on in-person meetings. However, Logitech’s Rally Bar has revolutionised the online conference with an advanced camera system for medium-sized conference rooms.

Logitech RightSense proactive technologies make better video meetings easy and automatic. RightSound optimises the human voice and enhances conversational clarity, RightSight automatically moves the camera and adjusts the zoom so no one gets left out of the picture, and RightLight helps everyone look their best on camera, regardless of lighting conditions. With RightSense on board, video meetings are naturally more beautiful and efficient with no calibration, manual intervention or support required.

Logitech Connect

If you’re looking for a camera designed for small spaces and huddle rooms, the Logitech Connect enables you to hold a video conference with a portable device. With a 4X zoom lens, 90° field-of-view and pan and tilt features, the Connect displays vibrant video that captures everyone in the meeting. And since the Logitech Connect is powered by battery, you can create a meeting anywhere!

Logitech Meet Up

Like the Connect, the Logitech Meet Up is ideal for huddle rooms and smaller workspaces. Its mountable camera uses RightSense technology to follow every speaker in a meeting, and the advanced microphones use an anti-vibration suspension system to capture sound clearly without background noise.

Finding a Solution for You

Whether you need a video conferencing solution for a small space or mid-sized room, Logitech has enhanced video and audio designs that are user-friendly and practical. If you’re ready to transition to the new normal, you can contact Future IT Services for exceptional IT solutions and video collaboration tools.