Is BYOD the way of the future for business? Is it the right model for your organisation?

If you’re unsure what BYOD actually is and whether it’s a good fit for your company, then this article will answer those questions, as well as weighing up the pros and cons of BYOD in the workplace.

What Is BYOD Exactly?

The letters “BYOD” mean “bring your own device”. It’s a term that can be applied to numerous situations, but it’s something that is becoming increasingly more popular in business and the workplace. In other words, instead of your business or company supplying laptops, smartphones, tablets and so on, employees bring their own devices to work, or connect remotely using their own devices.

BYOD Will Save Your Business Money

Possibly the greatest advantage of allowing workers to use their own devices for work-related purposes is the money you’ll save on buying tech gear. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on laptops, smartphones and tablets, employees can use their own, saving you a ton of money to outlay for this equipment, or having to spend again to upgrade it.

In today’s high-tech world, where we all depend on the internet and computers in one form or another, BYOD offers a significant way to cut back on business costs.

Employees Will Have Access To Sensitive Information On Their Own Devices

This point is a definite possible downside to the BYOD scenario. If some or all of your employees are using their own devices to connect to the business network, share information and documents, access sensitive data and files, then there is a risk of a security breach.

There is definitely more chance of files or data being spread around, leaked, lost, stolen or hacked. Also, if a disgruntled employee has a beef with the company, they have sensitive business materials on their devices that they can pretty much do what they want with if you don’t protect yourself.

When considering going the BYOD route, this is something that will require serious consideration and thought at the outset, with some plans or systems in place to keep your company data and files as secure as possible.

Another point to consider is the possibility of one of your staff losing their phone or other device. Meaning, whoever finds it might be able to access company data or systems.

You’ll need your IT department or IT professional to help you implement a BYOD policy to help protect your business, your IT systems and all sensitive information and data. This policy also needs to include what’s expected of employees that choose to use their own devices for work purposes. A BYOD policy will give you peace of mind, knowing that your business is protected.

BYOD Provides More Flexibility For Workers

When your employees get to use their own devices for work, it offers them more flexibility. This leads to happier staff that are more productive. Being familiar with their own phone or laptop, employees will often work faster as a result.

Flexibility regarding time and locations from where your employees can work definitely has a positive impact on their attitude towards work and getting things done. People naturally feel more comfortable when using their own devices, so this can lead to improved employee engagement and also increased levels of customer service and satisfaction.

A potential downside to the BYOD approach is that not all employees will necessarily be keen to use their own devices for work purposes, so you may not be able to roll out BYOD across the board. Some may feel that it’s not their responsibility to use their own gear for work, and that the employer should provide all the necessary tech equipment.

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