Access Community Housing

Providing a Roadmap to Better Cyber Security

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With the goal of managing their cyber security risk and improving their IT systems, Access Community Housing reached out to Future IT Services to assist their current managed service provider and provide guidance.

Our Success Story

Access Community Housing (ACHC) is an established Not for Profit in the Cairns region. The operation is supported by a hybrid IT environment with a mix of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and on-premise IT assets. Due to the nature of the business that ACHC conducts, it was determined that a review of the IT Systems and policies and procedures was required to ensure that ACHC was equipped to meet evolving Cyber Threats. ACHC are supported by a local Managed Service Provider (MSP) who look after all IT systems and are well regarded for their expertise and knowledge. Future IT Services were engaged to assist with an audit and provide guidance.

Future IT Services used the services of an Independent Penetration Test and Audit organisation to conduct a review of the Cyber Security practices and environment in ACHC. It was critical that Future IT Services worked collaboratively with the incumbent IT organisation as ACHC were not looking to change providers.

Over the course of several weeks, the independent organisation worked through a process to perform vulnerability testing and the answers to questions asked of both the MSP and the Internal IT contact. The results of the audit and process was a roadmap that will allow ACHC to make improvements on some IT assets and develop more robust procedures and protocols for managing the Cyber Security Risk.

Future IT Services demonstrated a willingness to work with both ACHC and the incumbent MSP to provide a result for the client that has the potential to create a far more secure environment for the staff and systems at ACHC.