With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world, it’s given rise to a whole host of related scams; especially COVID-19 phishing scams. These scams might relate to emails, text messages, or even bogus ads appearing in your social media feeds.

Some examples of what these scams might be targeting include:

  • Fake charity fundraisers
  • Fabricated emails from your bank offering COVID-19 support
  • Information on how to defend against COVID-19 with malicious links embedded in the content
  • Bogus health organisation notices
  • And more…

One way to protect yourself against COVID-19 phishing scams is to enlist the help of cybersecurity consulting services. These companies will offer cybersecurity solutions to protect you and your business against many types of scams.

Let’s now look at some tips on avoiding COVID-19 phishing scams.

#1 – Don’t Click Links In An Email

Phishing scams relating to bank accounts have been around almost as long as the internet itself. Recently many Australian banks have been offering assistance in these uncertain times. Legitimate emails from your bank will never include a link or a button to log in to your account directly from within the email.

The same goes for any type of email that’s promising something. If you’re unsure, either call your bank or access their website directly and see if the advertised information really exists.

#2 – Never Open Attachments

Unless you’re absolutely certain the email containing an attachment is from a trusted and verifiable source, never open an attachment in an email that looks suspicious. Next thing you know a virus, spyware or malicious software could be downloaded onto your computer without you even knowing.

Another form of malicious software that can come in the form of an email attachment is ransomware. This code basically hijacks your computer, where the writer of the code demands payment before they’ll give you the solution to the problem they created.

Attachments in emails are one of the oldest tricks used by scammers to download malware to your computer or network.

#3 – Hesitate Before Clicking That Pop-Up

Phishers often target people and employees with pop-ups offering something enticing. In the case of COVID-19, it could be a plea to give to a charity, or an announcement offering financial assistance during tough times.

If employees click links or attachments embedded within these pop-ups, it could lead to your network becoming infected with a virus or malware, disrupting workflow, and potentially leading to data loss or cyber theft.

You don’t want your system to be hacked or compromised because staff are trigger-happy with their mouse clicks, which brings us to the next tip.

#4 – Educate Your Staff On the Dangers of Covid-19 Phishing Scams

All employees need to be made aware of the potential dangers of any phishing scams, but in particular, those relating to the Covid-19 pandemic, as these phishing scams have become somewhat of a pandemic themselves right now.

A team meeting should be held to address the situation and potential dangers, ensuring every single staff member takes care when going through emails, social media, and resisting pop-ups. A member of a cybersecurity consulting services company can also help educate owners, managers, and employees on protection from phishing scams and what to be acutely aware of.

#5 – Keep Everything Up-To-Date

It’s important to keep things like your virus protection, operating system, and other business software up-to-date. When there are updates to these programs, they’ll include fixes and added security to combat the latest threats, such as COVID-19 scams.

It’s just as important to keep your browser’s current as well, along with everyone being in the habit of regularly changing those passwords.

With everybody doing their due diligence, it’ll go a long way towards protecting your business.

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